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The Meisters Club 1% club is a highly exclusive, private members club created for those who reject conformity and live on their own terms. Situated in the heart of luxury – Dubai – our club makes for the perfect place to enjoy our extravagant and luxurious experiences.

The club serves as a sanctuary for elite entrepreneurs, astute leaders and innovative thinkers to meet like-minded individuals to exchange ideas, create global connections and immerse themselves in our exclusive lifestyle benefits.

Our goal is to break the mould of a private members club, creating a space that brings together a diverse mix of different worlds, both new and traditional. Whilst we have adopted many conventional characteristics of a private club, our audacious team have taken leaps to stand apart by offering members unrivaled benefits, such as weekend trips to the Maldives.

Our team also shares a mutual passion for fine art and sumptuous products. This has led our esteemed artists and designers to engineer exceptional pieces of digital art (NFTs) which will be granted to each member as a complementary joining gift.


For our elite members, The Meisters Club will provide nothing short of elite benefits. Throughout the year, members will be invited to the most opulent and breath-taking events to engage, network, create new connections and experiences.

Members will be invited to supercar events, extravagant yacht parties and all-inclusive weekend trips to the Maldives, flown via private jet on a regular basis.

mesters club


Extraordinary Benefits

The question arises, why would one join our elite members club? Aside from the unrivaled benefits, our members also enter into an exclusive circle of elite individuals. Being in The Meisters Club unveils a person to a whole world of prospects, giving each holder the ability to broaden their horizons in countless ways.

Be part of the 1%

The possibilities become endless when you’re part of the 1% club, from opening yourself up to new business opportunities, creating global connections or simply meeting like-minded individuals – all whilst enjoying extravagant benefits and gaining an invaluable timeless piece of digital art.


At The Meisters Club, we didn't want to settle for using existing platforms for the club’s social needs. We believe one aspect of 'luxury' is also convenience - where each member can find all the information in one space.

Therefore, to meet this demand, we went the extra mile and created our very own application, dedicated solely to our members. Our app will offer various features such as:

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Access to the latest news, announcements, offers and information

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Access the latest news about the project

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Communicate via chat rooms on specific topics

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Contact the team and stay connected

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The private jet NFTs were created for those who enter into our 1% elite networking club. These are reserved for those who reject conformity and live on their own terms.

The limited collection is granted free to those who join the members club, as a welcome gift for joining the elite 1% club. In total, a very limited amount of 500 memberships will be available – meaning 1 NFT per member.

These NFTs are more than just art; they are an emblem of power. Each NFT prides itself in carrying an intense aura and commands attention and respect.


The private jet NFT grants access to a club and unveils a person to a whole world of prospects, broadening their horizons in countless ways. From opening oneself up to new business opportunities, creating global connections or simply meeting like-minded individuals.

ALL club members gain access to our networking events, from supercar events, lavish yacht parties and breath-taking trips to the Maldives, flown via private jet.

Please note, as mentioned under THE NFTs, 50 lucky revealers of the Jet-Meister NFT will be granted access to the 1% club.

mesters club



Whether you want to become a part of our illustrious, worldwide partners, collaborate with our distinguished team or simply share your thoughts with The Meisters Club, please reach out to us on the below, we would love to hear from you.

[email protected]